Tips for Organizing Your Home

Keeping your home organized can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have a busy schedule. However, with some simple tips and tricks, you can make your home a more organized and efficient space. Here are some home organization tips to get you... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 3-23-2023

Chores To Get Done In the Middle of Winter

Birds have been chirping and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing, Winter is almost over! To get you through the last of the cold season and prepare you for Spring, be sure to add these chores to your to-do list.

Check... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 2-23-2023

Sustainable Materials for Your Next Remodel

What you need from a home when you first buy it may change dramatically as the years go by. Families grow, needs change, and you need to make changes to your home to accommodate those things. If you have a remodel planned for the near future,... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 1-23-2023

Things You Need for Your New Home

When you rent a property, there are certain things you do not have to worry about and certain things you may just not have had the space for. That’s why when you move into your own home for the first time, you may not know all... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 12-15-2022

How to Properly Wash Bath Mats

Bath mats. We all need them. Bath mats prevent slipping and injury in the bathroom. They keep your floors clean and dry. Plus, they can be cute. Like a functional little rug.

But since bath mats are designed to absorb water, that means they are prone... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 11-15-2022

Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Your home is warm, it’s comfy, and it has food in it. The things that you love about your home, mice do too. If you want to keep mice out, knowing what attracts them the most can give you an idea of how to deter them.... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 10-18-2022

How to Identify Water Damage

Do you hear what sounds like water running behind the walls in your home? This could be a sign that you have a water leak somewhere. If you do have a leak, it is imperative that you locate the leak and fix the damage before mold... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 9-20-2022

Safe Ways to Get Rid of Bees

Bees are powerful pollinators. They are essential in helping our environment flourish. That being said, you may not want them in your face when you're spending time outside. So, what can you do? Is there a safe way to shoo away bees without harming them? Yes,... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 8-18-2022

Ways to Have Fun Cooking Outside

If you enjoy having an evening meal alfresco but don't have an outdoor kitchen, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to cook a delicious meal outside even without a proper kitchen. Here are a few of those ways.

Classic BBQ Grill

For many, the traditional... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 7-20-2022

Should You Get an Iron or a Clothes Steamer

Laundry is one of those chores that you either love or hate to do. Part of what makes laundry such a chore to do is de-wrinkling. When discussing which hot tool is best at de-wrinkling, two contenders always come up; the iron and the steamer. If... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 6-17-2022