Summer Days and BBQs

Summer only has a few weeks left before the cold starts to roll in. Doubtless, many families have been doing summer activities with their kids. Now that the fun of camps and swimming lessons are over and school is around the corner make sure to have a little summer fun with a BBQ before fall is here. Get the family together once more this summer before you have to wait for fall break or winter break to do so again. Here are some great tips on how to throw a fun yet simple BBQ!

  1. Bring a Dish

No one likes to do all the cooking and cleaning of an event so have everyone bring their own dish. No doubt you have some family favorite recipes like your mom’s cheesy potatoes or your uncle’s grilled taco meat. This will make the load lighter on you while still having the best of your family’s food there. The best part is that you only have to clean your dish after it's all said and done. There are many great quick and easy foods that you can choose to prepare too like grilled corn on the cob or grilled peaches for dessert.

  1. Play Some Games

What’s a BBQ without some yard games? There are many fun yard games that are easy to do like horseshoes, corn hole, and bocce ball. Maybe you’re a family that likes to kick the soccer ball around or play some catch. There are other families that love to sit outside and play card games while the sun is coming down. Every family is different in what they like to do. The important thing is that you break out the games your family loves!

  1. Have a fire!

There is nothing like sitting around a camp fire to hear your uncle tell a story you’ve never heard about your father before. They usually end up in laughter and smiles. This can only help bring a family closer together. What is a fire without smores? Kids love to make smores and stay up late looking at the stars. Soon they will have to go to bed early because it’ll be a school night. So, make sure you give the kids a good night out before they must go back.

Cold nights mark the time around the living room with the family but summer nights are all about the beautiful outdoors and good times with the family. Don’t miss your chance to throw a fun BBQ before the fall hits. You won’t regret it! It will form memories that will be cherished by the ones you love most, family. Energy Smart New Homes knows what family is all about. That is why we build homes that families can afford. Check out our Energy efficient homes today!

By Energy Smart New Homes 8-9-2017