How to Save Money When Cooling Your Home this Summer

With summer in full force, it is hot out. This means that your utility bill is probably going up more than you would like. Energy Smart New Homes is all about trying to save you as much as you can when it comes to your home. That is why we design and build homes that are as energy efficient as they can be. However, this doesn’t stop you from having to run your AC in the summertime. We want to go over some practical ways that you can reduce the cost of your utility bill even more with these home hacks.

Turning off your AC and opening your windows is the best way to get the most savings. You might be hesitant to do this on a 90-degree day. However, doing it the right way can help keep your home cooler than you think. When you go about doing this you want to keep your shades drawn. Although it will make it a little darker in the home it will help to keep it way cooler without the sun beaming in. Additionally, you will want to make sure that you have your fans running in a counterclockwise direction. Once you have done all of this if you’re still a bit hot make sure to stay on the lowest floor of your home.

If even after all this it’s too hot for you to handle but you are still not wanting to turn your AC on, then just leave your home during the hottest part of the day. A coffee shop with some WiFi and a cold drink is a lot less expensive than turning on your AC. When it comes to thinking about future plans to keeping your utility bill down the summer, installing an attic fan is top on the list. It uses a lot less electricity and pulls a nice breeze into the home.

Energy Smart New Homes want to make sure that you get the most out of your money while keeping your home cool this summer. If you’re looking at buying a home that is energy efficient then call us today. Our homes are built and designed to save you the most not just up front but, in the years to come. Call us today to come and take a look at the homes that we have available today!

By Energy Smart New Homes 6-28-2019