When to Trim Trees and Shrubs

By the time Spring rolls around, most of us are already eager to begin cleaning up the landscaping in our yards. With most people at home right now, many may be taking advantage of this time to accomplish this. For the healthiest and most attractive trees and shrubs, however, it is important to know the right time to prune. Energy Smart New Homes wants your yard to be as lovely as possible. So, here is a handy guide to reference so that you know what to prune and when.

Evergreen Trees

The good news is that evergreen trees such as pine, spruce, and fur really do not require much pruning at all. If you do want to create denser growth patterns, you can prune the first buds you see. Trim about half to two thirds off the bud. As for dead or unwanted branches, you can basically trim those any time of year, but the late Winter is ideal.

Fruiting Trees

Fruit trees should be trimmed before new leaves and buds form since you do not want to risk pruning off and interrupting future fruit. So, pruning for these trees should take place around February to early April.

Deciduous Trees

Excluding oak trees which should be pruned from December to February, most deciduous trees are fine to be pruned any time of year with little consequences. However, many revere March to be the best time to do so since most deciduous trees have not begun to leaf out yet and produce new growth. With the lack of foliage in the way, you can more accurately assess your tree and determine where to prune.

Deciduous Shrubs

For neglected flowering shrubs, you want to prune March to early April. This will reduce the display of flowers for a year or two for your shrub, but if it is overgrown and has been neglected for some time, this is a necessary step in rejuvenating the plant.

As for a healthy shrub, the best time to prune is right after flowering. This allows you to enjoy the blooms and allows the shrub to prepare properly for the next flowering season.

Evergreen Shrubs

The main thing to know when pruning evergreen shrubs is to avoid doing so in the Fall. If you prune in the Fall, it will leave your evergreen shrubs at a higher risk of Winter injury. Generally, pruning should take place March to April. And for aesthetic shaping, you can lightly prune mid- summer as well.

At Energy Smart New Homes, we love building our homes in communities that are surrounded by nature. We hope you will find this guide helpful. Be sure to check out our other blogs for more useful information regarding home improvement and more.

By Energy Smart New Homes 4-16-2020