Different Plants that Will Help Your Garden to Thrive

A garden costs money. To get the needed supplies such as pots, plants, soil, and much more you must be willing to put some money into it. Having put money into something, you want to make sure that you will get results and that your garden is protected. There are some things that you will need to plant instead of just herbs, fruits, and vegetables to give your garden the maximum protection possible. We aren’t talking about using anything bad like chemicals to protect your garden. Energy Smart New Homes enjoys working with nature which is why we build the types of homes we do. Here are some ways that you can use nature to help protect your garden.


You might like them around your house because of how beautiful they are. They do a lot more than just bring a smile to your face. Their smell is so strong that it will mask the smell of what you have planted in your garden. Not only do they protect your plants from bugs eating them, but marigolds also attract bees which is something that you always want.


You probably know lemongrass as the essential oil that you use from time to time. This comes from a plant that you can grow in your planters around your garden. Bugs don’t like the strong smell that it gives off. When you plant these around your garden, they will do a great job of instantly repelling them. It will even help to repel those terrible mosquitoes that never cease to be around.


These bugs will eat the bugs that love to eat and damage your crops. That being said, you don’t just want to wait around hoping that these little bugs come around. You can actually buy them and have them shipped to you. Once you get them you want to make sure that you put them on the plants around your garden, then they will do the rest.

There are so many different types of ways to make sure that your garden will thrive this year. Make sure that you don’t just invest in a garden but that you go the extra mile to ensure that your garden will produce the results that you want. Energy Smart New Homes loves working with nature by building eco-friendly homes. If you would like a home that is eco-friendly then give us a call today!

By Energy Smart New Homes 5-18-2020