Home Project on a Time and Money Budget

Energy Smart New Homes provides quality homes that never compromise on safety or construction. With our High-Performance Guarantee, you can rest assured that your heating and cooling costs will not exceed $59 for 2 years after your home is built.

Whether you have a new home or have been in your home for a long time you can always do cost-effective projects to your home that helps add a little something. These projects are all under $100 because Energy Smart New Homes understands that money can be tight but you still have a want to add some flair that makes your home stand out. Here are three different unique projects that you can work on in an afternoon by yourself or with the kiddos that are out of school.

Doorway Display

We have many doors in our home and each can make a statement that you want. By taking a 40-inch-long shelf that is 1x6 and two 7-inch brackets. This is about $32. After gathering the material, you install it above the doorway. Many people like to paint it the same color as the door frame but that doesn’t have to be the case if you want to make more of a statement. Then put whatever decorations you want. Some put ceramic pottery or display the art and crafts your kids have done.

Add Floating Shelves

Today a very modern look in homes is open shelving. These are very inexpensive with just being $34 each. Find a place to put them in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. You can get them as long or as short as you need them. You can place plates, cups, and bowls on these shelves in the kitchen for a sleek design in your home. Putting them up in the bedroom above the bed or desk can add space for books, pictures, and other things.

Unclutter the Garage

We all know that the garage can get cluttered with moving into a new home or just being in a home for a long time. By getting DPI’s 4-by-8- foot white perforated pegboard wall panel that is only about $16 at your local hardware store, and then buy a pegboard organizer that is only $11, you will be able to have a place for everything. This simple project will help your garage look nice and you will be able to find things when you do projects around the house. It will take a little time to organize but well worth the effort.

No matter what budget you’re on there is always something that you can do around the house that will help spice up your home. These projects aren’t just for those who are on a budget, they are also for those who don’t have a lot of time. In today’s world, most people are on a money and time budget and Energy Smart New Homes understands that. We provide home ideas for hard-working families.

By Energy Smart New Homes 4-27-2021