Getting Your Homes Ready for School

With the kids going back to school the home can be a bit disorganized. Energy Smart New Homes wants to help you organize your home in a way that will help you and the kids be better prepared this year. The home is a haven for the family and you want it to remain that way even when things get stressful with school and work. A big role in making sure that you and the kids have the space that they need is by organizing. That alone can help the home seem less stressful and more of a haven because there is less chaos to contend with.

Create Space!

Everyone has a different idea about what they want their space to be. So, let your kids figure out what kind of space they would like. Save a section of the room for a desk with the needed materials but let it be their own. Different desk style, lamp, and wall space. There is so much that goes into making it their own, but it is well worth the effort because that will make it a place they can come home to work on their homework or to just release. This space can become theirs to do as they want with it.


There are a couple of different ways to go about organizing the tools needed to make it through the school year. Having a central station for all the kids to be able to grab the needed tools when homework time comes makes things much easier for you and the kiddos. That way no one has to waste time fumbling around to find where they last put something. The key to this is to make sure that everyone puts their tools back to where they found them. The other option is to make little mini stations at each of their desks.

Work Together!

Often the kiddos need help on their homework. Make the kitchen table a place to settle in and do homework while they smell the food cooking. If you’ve got your organized station near by this often becomes the optimal situation if the kiddos are younger. If your kids are a bit older, then having their own desks in their own room is often the best solution for them. Every family is different, and you have to figure out what works for your family.

Energy Smart New Homes is all about making a house a home. We love to see families grow and thrive in each other’s company. Make sure that you have the perfect home this year to make that happen. Take a look at the homes we have available today!

By Energy Smart New Homes 8-29-2018