4 Pantry Staples that Everyone Needs in Their Kitchen

Every homeowner should have a stock of non-perishable foods in their pantry. They are cheap and versatile, can be used for just about anything, and if stored correctly, can stay fresh for months or even years. And if the power goes out, you will have a stash of canned foods in your pantry that do not require refrigeration. Here is our ranking of the top 4 non-perishable items that everyone should keep in their pantry.

1. Canned Food

Canned food is one of the most important items, and probably the most obvious. If the power goes out or you find yourself in an emergency, you will need food that does not require heat or refrigeration. You can prepare canned fruits and vegetables yourself or buy them at the store. Just be warned that the store brands are typically high in sodium.

2. White Rice

White rice is one of the cheapest and most plentiful ingredients you can buy. You can eat it by itself or serve it in several dishes, including fried rice, curry, rice pudding and more. Just make sure you are using white rice, not brown rice, as brown rice has a much shorter shelf life.

3. Oats

These hearty cereal grains are loaded with fiber and other nutrients. You can make homemade oatmeal, granola bars, oatmeal raisin cookies and countless other down-home country favorites. If they are stored safely, they essentially have no expiration date. You can even make your own oat milk at home if you are trying to cut back on dairy milk.

4. Dried Beans

Is there anything you cannot do with beans? Throw them in a stew, mix them with chili, make a casserole, cook some baked beans on the stove, add them to tacos and much more. You can buy a wide variety of beans to keep your meals interesting and get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in your diet. They do have to be re-hydrated before cooking, but it is a simple process that anyone can do.

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By Energy Smart New Homes 9-28-2020