Keep Mice Out Of Your House

Your home is warm, it’s comfy, and it has food in it. The things that you love about your home, mice do too. If you want to keep mice out, knowing what attracts them the most can give you an idea of how to deter them. Here are some of the things that mice love the most about your home.

It’s Warm

As we briefly mentioned, your house is warm. Mice naturally seek out shelters to keep them warm as the temperatures outside begin to drop. Encourage mice to find somewhere else to nest for the Winter by filling potential entrance points around your house. Seal any gaps you find by stuffing them with a bit of steel wool and taping over them.

It Has Food

Another thing that mice love is food. Don’t we all love food? But if you don’t want to share your food with uninvited houseguests, it is important that you make sure that there is no food lying around. Take some time to clean out your cupboards and pantries. Clear out any fallen oats or rice and wipe up any spills. This will make your home less tantalizing to mice from the outside.

It Has Garbage

We all produce garbage. It’s what we do with that garbage that matters to mice. Make sure to empty your garbage regularly and secure garbage bags carefully when taking them out. This will eliminate tempting smells from your home and make it harder for mice to rummage around in your garbage pails as well.

It Might Have Clutter

Mice love to hide and they love to nest. Humans also love to nest in a way in our homes. We naturally accumulate things that bring us joy, or we make piles of things that we’ll deal with later. This behavior often leads to clutter. And mice love clutter because it gives them places to hide. So a good way to deter this is to organize piles of clutter as best you can.

At the end of the day, having mice in your home does not mean your house is dirty. On the contrary, it means that your house is warm, comfortable, and inviting. If you are mindful of the things that mice love, however, you can be better equipped to keep them at the door.

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By Energy Smart New Homes 10-18-2022