Highest Oxygen Producing Houseplants

It can’t be denied that having plants in the home brings many benefits. Some of the top reasons to have plants involve their contribution to physical and mental wellness. They can be therapeutic to grow, increase productivity, clean the air, reduce background noise, and provide an opportunity for children to learn about nature. Another benefit is that they increase the oxygen level in your home. If this is of interest to you then check out some of the top oxygen-producing plants below.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is great for its ability to produce large amounts of oxygen, even at night. This makes it a great plant to put in the bedroom so you can benefit from its supply of oxygen and are purifying qualities as you sleep.

Aloe Vera

Looking for another plant to add to the bedroom? Aloe Vera is also prized for its ability to produce oxygen at night as well as its medicinal, and air purifying benefits. The gel from this plant can be used to treat burns and other skin conditions as well as added to salsas or smoothies.

Areca Palm

This plant is loved for its ability to purify, oxygenate and humidify the air. If you are struggling with dry sinuses or skin, adding some Palms into your home might be just what the doctor ordered.

Gerbera Daisy

Looking for an option that will add a bit of color to the room? The Gerbera Daisy produces bright and cheerful flowers 2-5 inches wide. This delightful plant comes in multiple colors including pink, yellow, orange, and white. Place this beauty on your nightstand because it also produces oxygen at night and benefits many with sleep apnea or other breathing problems.

Peace Lily

Another flowering plant to consider is the Peace Lily. They develop white flowers and are a more subdued option compared with the Gerbera Daisy. Another nighttime oxygen producer and air purifier, keep this one in low light and well-draining soil for it to look its best.

By Energy Smart New Homes 6-8-2021