Beautiful and Delicious Flowers to Use in Your Kitchen

Invigorate Your Cooking with Flower Power

It's always good to have flowers on hand in the kitchen. Not only do they look beautiful in a vase, but there are some blooms that are so delightful, they belong on your plate. Add pizazz to your cuisine when working with the following flowers.

Nasturtiums Bring a Special Spark

Entertain your palate — and the color palette of your dishes — with this zesty orange flower. The middle of the flower must be removed before incorporating it in a plate; with nasturtiums, it's all about the petals. Amp up your cooking by adding them to your favorite salads. These blooms pair particularly well with goat cheese.

Dazzling Dandelions

These days, dandelions are having a moment. Gone is the plant's reputation as a weed. There's something so sweet about steeping dandelions for an afternoon tea. However, there is so much more you can do with dandelions. Mix them up in pastries, put them in your salads, or even fry them up for a twist.

Lovely Lavender

Why use lavender in your essential oils when you can add it to your desserts? There's never been a better time to enjoy lavender macarons. With sweets, you'll find that mixing a bit of lemon with the lavender can really enhance its flavor. There's no need to go to a high-end, expensive ice cream shop when you can make your own lavender ice cream at home.

Embrace Squash Blossoms

The petals of these plants prove to be very festive when you're putting together plates. They're great when fried — and even better when paired with a delicious cheese.

Indeed, there are endless recipes to be explored in your Energy Smart New Home. Visitors to your home will undoubtedly be impressed by your prowess in the kitchen, but the person whose opinion that matters most is your own. Take pride in your sweet new sanctuary.

By Energy Smart New Homes 10-25-2021