Foods That You Can Keep On the Counter

Just get home from the grocery store with a bounty of goods? Few things feel as good as having a full fridge. But what can be done when your fridge is too stuffed to fit all the food that you brought home? Consider what foods actually need to be stored in the fridge and which don't. Here are a few foods that you can safely keep on your countertop.


Soft cheeses should definitely be kept in the fridge, but hard cheeses like parmesan can actually keep for some time unrefrigerated. Just leave these types of cheeses on the counter until some real estate opens up in the fridge.


This is a controversial statement in America because most grocery store eggs come from farms that wash their egg shells. This process removes the protective layer on the shell and opens up the pores to the onset of bacteria growth. But if you source your eggs from a local farmer or you have chickens yourself, these shells do not go through the same washing process and therefore can be left on your counter at room temperature for up to two months.


Next suggested food item is tomatoes. Arguably, this is a food that is always best kept on the counter. Keeping tomatoes on the counter ensures that their flavors do not become dull and muted, like they do when you store them in the fridge. Once sliced and prepared, however, they should be kept in the fridge.


Two factors make butter a good countertop candidate, and those factors are pasteurization and high fat content. These two factors create an environment in which bacteria cannot readily develop. The likelihood of butter spoiling at room temperature is even less so if your butter is salted, since this is a natural preservative.

And there you go! Next time you run out of room in your fridge, remember that these items do well on the counter.

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By Energy Smart New Homes 4-27-2022