Ways to Have Fun Cooking Outside

If you enjoy having an evening meal alfresco but don't have an outdoor kitchen, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to cook a delicious meal outside even without a proper kitchen. Here are a few of those ways.

Classic BBQ Grill

For many, the traditional BBQ grill is their preferred method of cooking outdoors. Everyone has a favorite from propane, to natural gas, to charcoal, but they all produce delicious eats. Any kind of meat, any kind of fruit, and any kind of veggie can be transformed on a BBQ grill into a charred delight.


For those who crave bold and smoky flavors, a smoker is about to be your new best friend. Whole chickens, ribs, sausages, and vegetables all become fork tender and imbued with smoky goodness when left on the smoker for hours. If you have a day where you can set and forget your dinner, a smoker will reward you with delectable results.


Do you love the crispy outer layer and juicy interior of rotisserie goods? If so, setting up your own rotisserie outside is surprisingly easy! Unless, of course, you want to roast a whole pig. But if your aim is smaller meats, you can purchase a rotisserie that won’t set you back a lot and you can reap all the benefits of a slow, evenly roasted chicken or sausage.

Pizza Oven

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you want to impress your guests with more than delivery, an outdoor pizza oven is the way to go. You can have everyone create the pizza they want with individual toppings and their personal pie should be done in about 4 minutes. Do you need more convincing than that?

Ultimately, there are all sorts of ways to enjoy cooking outside with the ones you love. And doing it in your Energy Smart New Homes backyard makes it all the more enjoyable.

By Energy Smart New Homes 7-20-2022