Make the Most of Any Space with These Design Tips

Energy Smart New Homes can help you make the best out of the square footage you have, and make it appear more open. Below are some interior design tips to make the most of your space, no matter the size.

Less is More

Decluttering your space is an important first step in making it appear larger. When a small space has more than it needs, it is likely to feel more cramped. Cleaning up and getting rid of items you no longer need can really be beneficial in making your home feel bigger.

The Lighter the Better

When opening your space, it is best to choose light colors rather than dark ones. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller by absorbing most of the light, while brighter colors do just the opposite. Consider this tip while choosing paint, wallpaper and even furniture for your home.

Avoid Crowding

This tip goes along with making sure your small space does not include more than it needs. It is best to position your furniture in a way that allows you to move around comfortably. Keep in mind that a good amount of floor space should be left untouched by furniture to keep the room from feeling narrow.

Reflecting Surfaces

Using mirrors in a small room can make it appear larger by reflecting the light and the other items in the room. With mirrors that are placed strategically, your small space will be looking more open in no time.

Choose the Right Furniture

Using rounded tables instead of tables with sharper edges can make a room seem larger since they are likely to take up less space. Pairing a nice set of acrylic chairs with the table can also allow the eye to move through the space without being hindered.

These interior design tips are likely to make any small space in your home appear larger and more comforting. Energy Smart New Homes offers modern, environmentally friendly, and affordable homes in locations convenient to you. Check out our available homes today!

By Energy Smart New Homes 12-21-2020