How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

There seems to be some of us who are just born to have a green thumb and keeping things alive whereas the rest of us are doing good to keep our dog or cat alive. They just seem to be easier: give them food, water and a little love. Well its essentially the same with plants, however there just seems to be a little bit different of ratio that you give to them. Seeing as they can’t just take the water you give to them at the amount you would like, it becomes a balancing act. Like our homes EnergySmart New Homes supports a green thumb in every way that they can. So here are some ways to help take care of your indoor plants this winter.

Let There Be Light

Every plant is different in what it needs and likes when it comes to sunlight. Therefore, there needs to be a careful consideration as to which plants you will choose for your home. Depending on the location of your home and where your widows are placed in it, there might be a lot of sunlight or there could just be a little. Making a carful examination as to the natural sunlight that comes into your home is important before you buy a plant. When you’ve done this then when you read the descriptions of each plant you know what you’ll be able to realistically keep alive.

Avoid a Flood

There is no need for a drought to happen inside your home nor does a flood need to come about. Just like a plant needs to the right amount of sunlight, it also needs the right amount of water. So always make sure to read up on the amount of water that each individual plant needs. Furthermore, the type of pot matters. Many plants need a drainage hole at the bottom of there pot so that the roots don’t rot from water sitting at the bottom of it. When you have made sure that your plant is in the proper pot, if it is one that drains then ensure that you have a saucer underneath the pot. Then when watering, make sure to dump the water that has seeped out the bottom.


Often all that we do with the growth that has withered and died, we just let it fall to the floor. After this has happened enough we come through and vacuum it up. This however isn’t the best way to go about it. As you see new growth see its life span and start to look less than beautiful it’s important to just go ahead and cut the dying head off. It stimulates new growth, instead of letting the plant struggle to keep what is dying, alive.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of how to take care of your indoor plants alive. There are other things that must be considered such as disease and repotting when it has out grown its current pot. The ins and outs of a green thumb is our specialty. Our homes are always made with the environment in mind. Check out the what makes our homes high performance homes and an energy efficient today!

By Energy Smart New Homes 1-16-2018