Avoid These Things When Vacuuming

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your Energy Smart New Home spic and span. Part of that maintenance involves weekly vacuum cleaning for most households. While vacuum cleaners are versatile tools for cleaning, there are certain items and substances that should never be vacuumed up. Here are some things you should avoid vacuuming to keep your home looking nice and keep your vacuum cleaner in good condition at the same time.


Vacuum cleaners are not designed to handle liquids. Wet substances can damage the motor, clog the vacuum's filters, and potentially cause electrical hazards. It's best to clean up liquid spills using appropriate absorbent materials and cleaning methods. If you have a big liquid spill to clean up, a wet/dry vac would be a better tool to help you.

Fine Dust and Powders

Fine dust particles, such as talcum powder, baking soda, or finely ground materials, can clog the vacuum's filters and reduce its suction power. Additionally, certain powders can be hazardous when inhaled into the vacuum cleaner, potentially causing damage to the motor, or posing health risks.

Large Debris

Vacuum cleaners are not designed to handle large or bulky debris, such as nails, screws, broken glass, or chunks of food. These items can damage the vacuum's internal components, including the motor, brush, or hoses. It's safer to pick up large debris by hand or use appropriate cleaning tools.

Ashes and Hot Materials

Never vacuum up hot ashes, embers, or hot materials such as cigarette butts. These substances can contain smoldering embers that may ignite within the vacuum cleaner, causing fire hazards and potentially damaging the appliance.

Sharp Objects

Avoid vacuuming up sharp objects like needles, broken glass, or nails. They can puncture or damage the vacuum's bag or hose, leading to reduced suction power and potential injury to the user.

Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for proper use and maintenance of your specific vacuum cleaner model. Taking care to avoid vacuuming up these items will help prolong the life of your vacuum and ensure safe and efficient cleaning.

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By Energy Smart New Homes 6-20-2023