Safe Ways to Get Rid of Bees

Bees are powerful pollinators. They are essential in helping our environment flourish. That being said, you may not want them in your face when you're spending time outside. So, what can you do? Is there a safe way to shoo away bees without harming them? Yes, there are a few and we are going to share them with you today.

Seal Gaps Around Your House

If bees are finding their way into your living spaces, you need to seal up gaps around your home. Survey the exterior of your home and identify gaps that bees can potentially be using as a doorway into your house. Once you have identified weak spots, seal them up with caulk or cover them with mesh screens. This will prevent them from encroaching on your living space without harming them.

Utilize Plants and Spices

There are also plants and spices you can use to discourage bees from hanging around your yard. Keeping pots of cucumber, basil, and eucalyptus in your yard is one way since bees are not huge fans of these. Additionally, bees do not care for cinnamon or garlic powder either. So sprinkling these spices around your yard can give the desired effect as well.

Get a Fire Going

Another thing that wards off bees is smoke. If you have identified a beehive on your property, you can build a smokey fire underneath it. Cardboard and dead firewood will both create a generous amount of smoke. Once you have gotten the fire going, seek shelter inside and allow the smoke to drive the bees away.

Hire a Professional

And lastly, you can always hire an ethical bee removal specialist. These professionals will come out and remove and relocate whatever bees are found on your property. This way the bees can be relocated to a place where they won’t be hurt or bother anyone.

Ultimately, finding harmless solutions to unwanted bees around your property does not have to be hard. Try out one or two of these suggestions and you can enjoy your yard in comfort and have a clean conscience.

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By Energy Smart New Homes 8-18-2022