Elevate Interior Walls with a Faux Finish

At Energy Smart New Homes, we work hard to create comfortable and energy efficient homes that give you the room to make them your own. If you are looking for a way to draw in some of your personality or to add a certain wow factor to your home, an easy DIY that packs a lot of punch is a faux finish. Faux finishing is an art that anyone can achieve by using specific tools and painting techniques. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Aim High

Designers refer to your ceiling as a 5th wall, although many people neglect this area when designing in their homes. It is such a shame that that is the case, especially because faux finishes look exceptional on a ceiling. It can make a room look grander and larger. If you have popcorn ceilings, with a bit of work it is actually fairly simple to transform it to a smooth one. This way, you do not have to miss out on this underutilized designing real estate.


Marble is a special stone that strongly conveys elegance and class. If you long for marble accents in your home, but the price tag breaks your heart, say hello to faux. With different shades of grey and white, a feather and a sponge, you can create a marbled look on nearly any surface. If your home features things like columns, faux marble is just the thing to add to lend that old Italian allure.


One of the hallmarks of older European interiors is plastered walls. This was the material of choice for older buildings due to its durability. Today, in America at least, drywall is the finish of choice. There is something so charming, however, about the way plaster ages. If you want to add that craggily vintage look to your walls, many home improvement stores carry plaster finishing kits that make it easy to do so. Do not forget your electrical sockets either! Adding this finish to your outlets will complete the look.

Leather and Suede

For a truly unique wall texture, think about painting a leather or suede finish. These textures will give off a warm and rich feeling to any room. And your guests may truly be fooled by how convincing the finished product is. Many paint suppliers like Ralph Lauren and Sherwin Williams have suede specific lines that come along with guides on how to apply them.

Old World

If you find Mediterranean styled interiors incredibly appealing, then why not bring some into your home? Use a sponge and layering technique along with different colors to add depth and age to your walls. Many people use this faux finishing technique to add a patina to ceilings in their bedroom or dining area.

Once you have discovered the wide array of convincing textures and looks you can achieve with the help of a faux finish, you may want to try them all! Hopefully you have at least found some inspiration here. For more, be sure to browse our other blog content.

By Energy Smart New Homes 1-16-2020