Swaps You Can Make For a More Sustainable Kitchen

Energy Smart New Homes’ mission is to build energy efficient homes that are affordable to buy and live in. We aim to make our homes gentle on the environment and your wallet. That said, making what you bring into your home more sustainable is also good for the environment and your wallet. Here are some simple kitchen centric swaps you can make that will help you create less waste.

Switch to Paper Towels

Cleaning and drying surfaces is a daily occurrence in the kitchen. Which is why paper towels are so often used in the kitchen. By swapping out paper towels for rags and cloths, however, you can cut down on a ton of waste. When a cloth gets dirty, all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine. Another great alternative to paper towels are Swedish dishcloths. They are absorbent, dry quickly, and can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher for a good cleaning.

Reuse Plastic Bags

Stocking up on a couple of reusable grocery and produce bags is one great way to bring less waste into your home, but there are times when you may forget them. If you need to place your groceries in plastic bags, make sure to reuse them when you get home. Unfortunately, the recycling industry is bombarded by waste and they often find it difficult to recycle many of the things that make the journey to a recycling plant. That’s why aiming to reuse plastic products, even if it is just once, can make a big impact. Plastic bags can be great mini trash can liners, for instance.


Uneaten food and food scraps generate a huge portion of waste every year. Of course, it is nearly impossible to create zero food waste, but you can turn discarded food into something useful with composting. Set up your own little compost bin, (or a large one if you have the yard space) and in return you will get nutrient dense compost that is great for your garden or your houseplants. Even if you cannot utilize the compost yourself, ask your friends if they could use it or see if your city has a compost collection service.

Anyone can make steps towards sustainability. Why not just try to incorporate one swap that you like. And if you don’t find it too hard, why not try out another swap. One change at a time can add up.

By Energy Smart New Homes 11-17-2021