Fall Home Care

The temps are dipping lower at night, and your favorite coffee drinks are back on the menu. That can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us! With that in mind, Energy Smart New Homes has some quick tips for home maintenance that will get you geared up for this Fall season.


An essential area of your home's exterior that will need attention is gutters. Carefully check them for wear or damage, such as separation from the fascia. In addition, be sure to remove any leaves or bits of debris from your gutters. A spatula is a great tool that will give you the right leverage to get them clean! Adequate maintenance will ensure your gutters can handle anything this coming Winter brings.


Slow growing grass still needs routine watering! So, do not cross adding frequent moisture off the list just yet. If you have recently put out fertilizer, the soil will thank you for the needed water that helps to dissolve nutrients. Fall is also an excellent time to get out your soil aeration device and separate compacted dirt. As a general guideline, keep a routine schedule of care for your grass until after the first freeze.

Items to Winterize

The best way to keep your warm weather goods like new is to make sure they are properly winterized. One item you will want to keep in great shape is your grill. First, turn off the propane tank and detach it from the hose. Next, clean the grill thoroughly. A good coating of cooking spray will lubricate and protect metal parts. The thin coating of oil is also a great water and rust repellent. Finally, don a sturdy grill cover to safeguard against tiny visitors looking for a place to nest.

Garden hoses also need to be protected from harsh winter conditions. You can simply use compressed air to remove any water or place them on an incline so that gravity allows them to drain properly. Whatever you choose, a little bit of labor will go a long way towards preventing frozen water in your hoses.

The sprinkler system will also benefit from your air compressor. It will take some time to force the water out of the pipes, but the payoff will be worth it when it comes to protecting your investment.

By tackling all these tasks, you will be able to enjoy the Winter with the knowledge that everything will be maintained, protected and ready for Spring.

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By Energy Smart New Homes 10-30-2020