Are 30 Year Home Loans Best for You

At Energy Smart New Homes, we are all about getting you the most for your money. One area that many home buyers are concerned with saving money in is with their mortgage. For most of us, a 30-year fixed... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 8-8-2019

How to Save Money When Cooling Your Home this Summer

With summer in full force, it is hot out. This means that your utility bill is probably going up more than you would like. Energy Smart New Homes is all about trying to save you as much as you can when it comes to your home.... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 6-28-2019

Why is Buying an Energy Efficient Home Worth it

Energy Smart New Homes is among the leading energy efficient home builders in the Birmingham, AL area. The issue that we want to help settle is whether paying for an energy efficient home is really worth it in the long... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 5-22-2019

How to Make the Most Out of Your Closet Space

Energy Smart New Homes has a lot of experience when it comes to building homes that people love. We have built hundreds of homes that people love. One aspect of our homes that we always hear positive feedback from is our closets. Our closets are spacious,... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 3-6-2019

Decisions That Will Make Home Buyer Successful

... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 1-22-2019

Getting Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

If you have recently bought a home that you’re planning on fixing it up, then you might have a couple of items on your list to do. If you have bought a home that is from the 60’s or 70’s then you might be battling some popcorn and it’s... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 12-27-2018

Best Way to Rake Your Leaves

When it comes to fall it means that there are going to be a lot of leaves falling onto your lawn. There are many different methods to raking leaves. However, there are some methods that provide quicker results than others. There are methods for both dry... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 10-31-2018

Getting Your Homes Ready for School

With the kids going back to school the home can be a bit disorganized. Energy Smart New Homes wants to help you organize your home in a way that will help you and the kids be better prepared this year. The home is a haven for... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 8-29-2018

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Home

Have you ever driven down a street and looked at all the homes thinking how one home looks beautiful and the next don’t have that same appeal? This can naturally happen over time. That means homeowners must take an active role in keeping up with their... [read more]


How to Start Your Garden

Energy Smart New Homes is all about making use of what we can to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as it can be. In doing so we reduce the energy bill of your home, produce healthier indoor air, reduced reliance on natural... [read more]

By Energy Smart New Homes 4-5-2018