Zero Waste Swaps for Your Home

No doubt, we love this green earth we call home. At Energy Smart New Homes, our aim is not only to build energy efficient homes that go easy on your wallet but that also go easy on the planet. One and done products for the home are incredibly convenient, but they live on much longer after they leave our homes. Sadly, all too often they find their way to our oceans and pollute our wildlife. With a few simple everyday swaps, you can do your part to make our earth greener and maybe even save yourself a little money in the long run. Here is how.

Plastic Wrap

If you love plastic wrap for its versatility in covering containers or wrapping up leftovers, then beeswax wrap may be the perfect swap for you! Just by using the warmth of your fingers, you can seal beeswax wrap over any container you like. Or you can even wrap sandwiches or treats all by themselves. You can wash and reuse beeswax wrap for up to a year! And when your current beeswax wrap needs to retire, you will not need to feel guilty because it is completely compostable.

Paper Towels

Paper towels and paper napkins are extremely convenient and widely used in most households today. An easy swap, however, is to switch over to washable cloth versions. This can be fun especially if you know how to sew a simple square. You can create any pattern or color combination that you fancy for your napkins! In order to always have them handy when you need them, you may find it helpful to throw them into the bottom of your washer when they have been used. That way, they will get washed regularly and will not be forgotten about.

Water Filter

If you are not already using a reusable water bottle, what are you waiting for? They tend to hold more water than plastic bottles (yay, hydration!) and you can personalize them as much as you would like. While we are on the subject of water, most households today have a filtered water pitcher. These are really great at improving the quality and overall taste of your water. The only downside is that their filter cartridges are encased in plastic. Since the active purifier in these filters is charcoal, why not skip the superfluous packaging and opt instead for charcoal sticks themselves? Cut out the middleman.

There are numerous ways you can cut down on wastefulness in your home. We have listed just a few simple swaps you can make that will not prove to be too cumbersome to integrate into your home. Hopefully you have seen one or two that you would like to incorporate into your daily routine! If you found this helpful, be sure to take a peek at our other blogs. From saving you money on your home to how to start a garden, Energy Smart New Homes has curated a wealth of information for you.

By Energy Smart New Homes 10-24-2019